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The most important thing

Word up. Every booooody says.

Hi kittens,I felt like I had to write something after listening to the first mixes for the 50th time last night. We said we wouldn’t say much till it was actually released but that’s proving pretty hard to do!

I won’t divulge too much other than how friggin great its sounds. When we began making it,stylistically we had an idea of our direction,but its obvious that already its taken its own path. And in no way is that a bad thing. We’re kind of chasing it at the moment,and its telling us what it needs next. Its still reined in of course,its not gunna be some horrible mish-mash! But I won’t bleat too much about it. Its on its way.

Obviously the most important thing is making it as absolutely perfect as possible,and so far the experience gained from recording our last EP’s has helped along the way. Our method of writing is very Organic,and conversely when we record we’ve found we have to really be almost mechanical about things which takes a bit of getting used to. Golly gosh we cannot wait to get it out there.

Before then though we’ll be releasing a single from the album. We’re also planning a tour too,to promote the album. A proper tour. All the way up to Shetland and all the way back down again. So make sure you all do us a massive favour and bloody buy the thing when it comes out!!





Thats it. We’re almost there. The thing that we arranged month upon months ago is almost upon us.

No,not the album. Like a mother cares for its newborn fledgling we are nurturing it into existance. However,Doune the Rabbit Hole is almost here! and we’re totally stoked for it. New songs,new set…Happiness is. We have so many new songs we are actually having to drop awesome songs so they all fit in. Thsi is the thing we wanted…It’s the reason why we have been hibernating for most of this year,except we have not been sleeping. We have bee concocting and schemeing. The results of which you should see very soon.

If you can’t afford Doune. We’re playing at Edinburgh with the FUCKING AWESOME Hagana. Check out our Upcoming Gigs page for more info.



The Red Show,as you may know,are making an album. We’re hoping it will be good. We think it will be,but obviously we are biased.

So to help us make sure it is pretty good Mr Jim Beattie  (founder of Primal Scream) will be sitting behind the mixing desks Recording and Producing. He’s excited. We’re fucking Ecstatic.

Also,in the mean time we are coming out of our dusty closets (ooo-er) and are playing 2 special shows this month. Why not come see us?

19th May –RED ROX –Save a Life Auction Night (British Red Cross Charity Event)

22nd May –Supporting The Mademoiselle –Single Launch

Apologies for the Big and underline but we couldnt really express our excitment via normal font decoration.



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