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Radio Play and The Scottish New Music Awards

We’re starting to get some general feedback from the EP now,and it seems fairly positive which is ace. The coolest thing so far though is definetly being played on the radio.


We’ve had the producer of  BBC Radio 1 tell us he really likes the EP and the band,and subsequenctly got added to the “Introducing”playlist,hosted by Ally McRae,on Radio 1 a week ago where they played Hard to Shake It. Then yesterday we got played on Amazing Radio by Jim Gellatly who said this about Where Witches Bloom (And Damsels Lay Dead)

“…Who recruited Roz from Miss the Occupier to produce this wonderful track,with elements of the White Stripes Glasgow based Duo The Red Show”

On top of this! We’ve been nominated for a Scottish New Music Award for ROCK RECORDING OF THE YEAR! more news on that soon,although I think we find out at the awards ceremony. Haha. brilliant.

Anyway,Get buying the EP if you havn’t already it won’t listen to itself!


Trailer for HTSI HTLI Making of…

Live review of Captains Rest gig! 8/10

Even when writing about music,this most subjective of genres,some of us strive to maintain a few shreds of journalistic integrity. I’ll declare up front that I know three quarters of the band members playing tonight. Glasgow currently has a music scene in rude health with abundant live venues,studios,bands and support networks in place for musicians,but it still feels like a breakthrough to find a niche within it. Through enthusiasm,talent and hard work,new music is being produced and finding an audience.
If you believe Cameron Crowe,Rolling Stone reporter and director of Almost Famous,writers shouldn’t make friends with the bands. I’ll admit my bias for this review,but as I’ll never be Lester Bangs no matter now much cough medicine I drink,I feel no compunction for getting more closely involved.

Tonight’s gig,organised in lieu of a birthday party for Betatone Distraction’s singer Raymond,serves as both a knees up and a showcase. Burning Flags,re-formed for the occasion are louder and perhaps less inventive than the other bands on the bill,but The Red Show take the opportunity to air some new material. Previously a three piece,their live set up is now pared down to just guitar and drums. Powered by caffeinated front-man Gareth Goodlad and the driving Queens Of The Stone Age inspired drumming of Mike Jackson,they have energy and riffs to spare. Reunited with their bassist Chris Cope for older songs (‘Meek &Uncivilised’and ‘Cavalcade’) they get the crowd dancing.

Kochka are another energetic band with an Eastern European inspired onslaught taking cues from both Gogol Bordello and Tom Waits. Combining inventive drum patterns,violin,samples and plenty of megaphone enhanced vocals from Markk Donnelly,they bring a surprisingly effective flavour of Weimar Cabaret and a mix of punk and polka.

Betatone,a three piece who combine synths,big guitars and determined drums to make dark yet catchy pop,round out the evening. With more ambition than many of their contemporaries they’re building up to an EP release of a clutch of tracks including ‘In The Loop’(which is built on hip hop beats and samples) and their stand out track,‘Process Replaces Content’,which is a piece de resistance of hooks and drama.

There’s something great about seeing bands at any point in their careers really enjoying themselves on stage and these bands,at this formative moment,are having the time of their lives.

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